Property-based businesses

Nursing Homes | Hotels | Wedding Venues

In the last 10 years property-based businesses, such as those listed above, have witnessed a massive growth in values, and whilst the owners are laughing all the way to the bank, there are various issues which, if left outstanding, will raise serious problems in the future.

Whether such assets are in a limited company or privately owned, a substantial capital growth tax liability will arise when sold. Even if there is no intention to sell, Inheritance Tax at 40% on the value of the asset looms large.

The day to day running of such businesses present their own problems and human resources and employment issues are paramount.

Our years of experience and expertise in dealing with property based businesses will assist you in the following areas:-

  • Incorporation or dis-incorporation
  • Extraction of income: dividends or salary or a combination of the two
  • Employee trusts and share options
  • VAT and Stamp Duty planning
  • Succession planning: Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax

We never let you forget that constant analysis of the future of your business is essential and that may require restructuring or even fundamental redirection with one essential objective – Wealth Maximisation.

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